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Since 1987, Power cam Inc. has been a leading provider of communication-related equipment and accessories for consumers worldwide. Beginning with high-quality accessories for the photo, video and video game industries enabled us to expand our offerings to those markets. In addition to our North American retailers, from "Day 1" we manufactured for and shipped products to retailers in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

By addressing the needs of the burgeoning cellular phone battery market and introducing cellular phone batteries made in the U.S., this strategic move dramatically reduced the time from manufacturing to retailers' shelves winning us legions of retailers throughout the U.S. and beyond. We quickly grew our market and today hold a significant market share while providing outstanding service and support to our worldwide network of dealers and distributors.

Recognizing the expanding market for high-quality cellular phone accessories, in 1990 we opened our Power Mate Cellular™ division to develop, manufacture and market "exceptionally high-quality at affordable prices" cellular accessories.

Through the years, Power Mate Cellular™ continued to introduce cellular accessories to meet the needs of the expanding and eternally diverse cellular phone consumers. By offering products that not only keep up with the latest fashion "trends" and newest cellular phones on the market, Power Mate Cellular™ continues as a leading provider of accessories worldwide.

Our extensive product offerings include a full line of Bluetooth™ wireless accessories, Travel Chargers, Plug-in Saver Chargers, Battery Packs, Portable and Plug-in Hands Free Headsets, Hands Free Kits, Mount Holders, Replacement Antennas, Snap-on Replacement Covers, and Leather Cases.

In 1999, we established our Digicom Digital™ division to develop, manufacture and market accessories for the vast array of digital products including iPods in 2001, Home Theater in 2003 and iPhone in 2007.
In 1998, we opened new markets in travel and duty free stores worldwide. In 2003, our products became available at the Veterans Administration Canteens (VAC) also worldwide.
In 2005, we acquired the Motor Trend™ license for a distinctive line of branded cellular and iPod accessories.
We are proud of the exceptional quality of our products and look forward to many years of providing cellular accessories supporting the newest cellular technology, latest trends and styles.
In addition, many of our products are available to the trade through custom-designed private label programs.
LEGAL NOTICE: Power mate, Inc. is an authorized licensee of Motor Trend™ Magazine. Motor Trend is a trademark of PRIMEDIA Specialty Group, Inc. and is used with permission. © 2007 PRIMEDIA Specialty Group, Inc. all rights reserve

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